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Code project

Code for 🧭 Geospatial tools for Dart is Open Sourced and published on GitHub in the geospatial repository.

It’s licensed under the “BSD-3-Clause”-style license, please see the license.

See the repository for more information about licenses, derivative work and contributions.

🏗️ Roadmap

🧩 See open issues for planned features, requests for change, and observed bugs.

💡 Any comments, questions, suggestions of new features and other other contributions are welcome, of course!

🪄 Active packages in the repository (published on

⚠️ Not active packages in the repository (published on

🏡 Authors

This project is authored by Navibyte.

© License

The project

This project is licensed under the “BSD-3-Clause”-style license.

Please see the license.

Included derivative work

This project contains portions of derivative work:

Source repositories used when porting functionality to Dart and this project:

  • geodesy by Chris Veness 2002-2022