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About geodata

pub package

Key features of the geodata package:

  • 🪄 Client-side data source abstraction for geospatial feature service Web APIs.
  • 🌐 The GeoJSON client to read features from static web resources and local files, supports also Newline-delimited GeoJSON data.
  • 🌎 The OGC API Features client to access metadata and feature items from a compliant geospatial Web API providing GeoJSON data.

Client-side support for the OGC API Features standard:

Standard partSupport in this package
OGC API - Features - Part 1: CoreSupported for accessing metadata and GeoJSON feature collections.
OGC API - Features - Part 2: Coordinate Reference Systems by ReferenceSupported.
OGC API - Features - Part 3: Filtering (draft)Partially supported (conformance classes, queryables, features filter).

🛠️ Usage

The package requires at least Dart SDK 2.17, and it supports all Dart and Flutter platforms.

Add the dependency in your pubspec.yaml:

geodata: ^1.2.1

Import it:

import `package:geodata/geodata.dart`

There are also partial packages containing only a certain subset. See the packages section below.

🚀 Shortcuts to docs

📦 Packages

The geodata library contains also following partial packages, that can be used to import only a certain subset instead of the whole geodata package:

PackageExports alsoDescription
commonCommon data structures and helpers (for links, metadata, paged responses).
coreMetadata and data source abstractions of geospatial Web APIs (ie. features).
formatsOpenAPI document and Common Query Language (CQL2) formats (partial support).
geojson_clientcommon, coreA client-side data source to read GeoJSON data from web and file resources.
ogcapi_features_clientcommon, core, formatsA client-side data source to read features from OGC API Features services.

External packages geodata is depending on:

  • equatable for equality and hash utils
  • geobase for base geospatial data structures
  • http for a http client
  • meta for annotations