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About geobase

pub package

Key features of the geobase package:

  • 🌐 geographic (longitude-latitude) and projected positions and bounding boxes
  • πŸ“ spherical geodesy functions for great circle and rhumb line paths
  • 🧩 simple geometries (point, line string, polygon, multi point, multi line string, multi polygon, geometry collection)
  • πŸ”· features (with id, properties and geometry) and feature collections
  • πŸ“… temporal data structures (instant, interval) and spatial extents
  • πŸ“ƒ vector data formats supported (GeoJSON, Newline-delimited GeoJSON, WKT and WKB)
  • πŸ—ΊοΈ coordinate projections (web mercator + based on the external proj4dart library)
  • πŸ”’ tiling schemes and tile matrix sets (web mercator, global geodetic)

πŸ› οΈ Usage

The package requires at least Dart SDK 2.17, and it supports all Dart and Flutter platforms.

Add the dependency in your pubspec.yaml:

geobase: ^1.2.0

Import it:

import `package:geobase/geobase.dart`

There are also partial packages containing only a certain subset. See the packages section below.

πŸš€ Shortcuts to docs

πŸ“¦ Packages

The geobase library contains also following partial packages, that can be used to import only a certain subset instead of the whole geobase package:

commonCommon codes, constants, functions, presentation helpers and reference systems related to geospatial applications.
coordinatesPosition, bounding box and positions series (with coordinate arrays).
geodesySpherical geodesy functions for great circle and rhumb line paths.
metaTemporal data structures (instant, interval) and spatial extents.
projectionsGeospatial projections (currently only between WGS84 and Web Mercator).
projections_proj4dProjections provided by the external proj4dart package.
tilingTiling schemes and tile matrix sets (web mercator, global geodetic).
vectorText and binary formats for vector data (features, geometries, coordinates).
vector_dataData structures for geometries, features and feature collections.

External packages geobase is depending on: